Übersetzung von “spare” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /speər/ us /speər/

B1 If something is spare, it is extra and not being used.

de sobra
a spare bedroom
a spare tyre
spare cash
spare time

A2 time when you are not working

tiempo libre
I enjoy gardening in my spare time.
verb uk /speər/ us /speər/ present participle sparing, past tense and past participle spared

to give time or money to someone

dar, dedicar
I have to go soon, but I can spare a few minutes.
noun uk /speər/ us /speər/

an extra thing that is not being used, and that can be used instead of a part that is broken, lost, etc.


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verb /speə/

to manage without

prescindir, pasar sin
No-one can be spared from this office.

to afford or set aside for a purpose

disponer de
I can’t spare the time for a holiday.

to treat with mercy; to avoid injuring etc

’Spare us!’ they begged.

to avoid causing grief, trouble etc to (a person)

Break the news gently in order to spare her as much as possible.

to avoid using, spending etc

He spared no expense in his desire to help us.

to avoid troubling (a person with something); to save (a person trouble etc)

I answered the letter myself in order to spare you the bother.
sparing adjective

careful or economical

frugal, económico
Try to be sparing with the saffron as it is a very expensive ingredient.
sparingly adverb

frugalmente, económicamente
Sparingly, add sugar to the mixture.
spare part noun

a part for a machine etc , used to replace an identical part if it breaks etc.

pieza de repuesto, pieza de recambio
spare rib noun

a rib of pork with only a small amount of meat left on it.

costilla de cerdo
(and) to spare

in greater supply or quantity than is needed; extra

de sobra
I’ll go to an exhibition if I have time to spare
I have enough food and to spare.

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