Die Übersetzung von "stampede" - Englisch-Spanisch-Wörterbuch


noun uk /stæmˈpiːd/ us

an occasion when many large animals or many people suddenly all move quickly and in an uncontrolled way, usually in the same direction at the same time, especially because of fear

estampida, desbandada
Two shoppers were injured in the stampede as shop doors opened on the first day of the sale.
verb uk /stæmˈpiːd/ us

When animals or people stampede, they all move quickly in the same direction, often because they are frightened. (of a group of animals or people) to all move quickly in the same direction, often because of being frightened

salir en estampida
A loud clap of thunder made the herd stampede.

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noun /stӕmˈpiːd/

a sudden wild rush of wild animals etc

a stampede of buffaloes
The school bell rang for lunch and there was a stampede for the door.

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