Übersetzung von “stuff” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun [ no plural ] uk /stʌf/ us /stʌf/ informal

B1 used to mean a substance or a group of things, ideas, actions, etc., without saying exactly what they are

material, cosa
There’s some sticky stuff on the carpet.
Can I leave my stuff at your house?
That kind of stuff (= that behavior) makes me mad.
verb uk /stʌf/ us /stʌf/

to quickly push something into a small space

He stuffed his clothes into a bag and left.

to completely fill a container or a hole with something

an envelope stuffed with money
To stuff a turkey, follow these steps.
stuffed up informal

If you or your nose is stuffed up, you cannot breathe through it.

stuff your face

to eat a lot

I’ve been stuffing my face all morning.

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noun /staf/

material or substance

materia; material; sustancia; cosa
What is that black oily stuff on the beach?
The doctor gave me some good stuff for removing warts
Show them what stuff you’re made of! (= how brave, strong etc you are).

(unimportant) matter, things, objects etc

cosas; chismes, cachivaches, trastos
We’ll have to get rid of all this stuff when we move house.

an old word for cloth.

paño, tela; género
know one’s stuff

to be skilful/skillful and knowledgeable in one’s chosen subject

saber de lo suyo, ser un entendedor de, ser bueno en
He really knows his stuff when it comes to French history.
that’s the stuff!

(spoken) that’s just what is wanted!

¡así es!, ¡es eso mismo!

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