Übersetzung von “suggest” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /səˈdʒest/ us /səɡˈdʒest/

B1 to say an idea or plan for someone else to consider

I suggest that we park the car here.
He suggested having the meeting at his house.

B1 to say that someone or something is suitable for something

Can you suggest a good hotel?

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verb /səˈdʒest, (American also) səɡ-/

to put (an idea etc ) before another person etc for consideration; to propose

sugerir; proponer
He suggested a different plan
I suggest doing it a different way
She suggested to me one or two suitable people for the committee
I suggest that we have lunch now.

to put (an idea etc) into a person’s mind; to hint

insinuar; ocurrirse
Are you suggesting that I’m too old for the job?
An explanation suddenly suggested itself to me.
suggestion /-tʃən/ noun

the act of suggesting.


something that is suggested; a proposal or idea

sugerencia, propuesta
Has anyone any other suggestions to make?
What a clever suggestion!

a slight trace or sign

insinuación; indicio, asomo, nota
There was a suggestion of boredom in his tone.

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