Die Übersetzung von "supervise" - Englisch-Spanisch-Wörterbuch


verb uk /ˈsuː·pə·vaɪz/ us /ˈsu·pərˌvɑɪz/ present participle supervising, past tense and past participle supervised

to watch a person or activity and make certain that everything is done correctly, safely, etc.

Students must be supervised by a teacher at all times.

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verb /ˈsuːpəvaiz/

to direct, control or be in charge of (work, workers etc)

supervisar, controlar
She supervises the catering staff.
supervision /-ˈviʒən/ noun

the act or work of supervising or state of being supervised

The firm’s accounts are under the personal supervision of the manager
These children should have more supervision.
supervisor noun

a person who supervises

a factory supervisor.

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