Übersetzung von “sweet” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /swiːt/ us /swit/

A1 with a taste like sugar

The sauce was too sweet.

A2 attractive, often because of being small

Look at that sweet little puppy!

B1 kind

It was really sweet of you to come.
noun uk /swiːt/ us /ˈswit/

A2 a small piece of sweet food, often made of sugar or chocolate

caramelo, golosina
Sweets are bad for your teeth.

UK also UK/US dessert sweet food eaten at the end of a meal

There was only one sweet on the menuchocolate cake with cream.

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adjective /swiːt/

tasting like sugar; not sour, salty or bitter

as sweet as honey
Children eat too many sweet foods.

tasting fresh and pleasant

young, sweet vegetables.

(of smells) pleasant or fragrant

suave, dulce
the sweet smell of flowers.

(of sounds) agreeable or delightful to hear

dulce, melodioso
the sweet song of the nightingale.

attractive or charming

mono; encantador
What a sweet little baby!
a sweet face/smile
You look sweet in that dress.

kindly and agreeable

agradable, gentil; simpático
She’s a sweet girl
The child has a sweet nature.
sweeten verb

to make or become sweet or sweeter

Did you sweeten (= put sugar in) my tea?
sweetener noun

something that sweetens, eg a substance used for sweetening food

Saccharin is an artificial sweetener, often used instead of sugar.
sweetly adverb

in an attractive, charming, agreeable or kindly manner

con encanto/gracia; agradablemente, gentilmente
She sang/smiled very sweetly.
sweetness noun

sweetcorn noun

(British ) the yellow seeds of maize that are cooked and eaten as a vegetable; corn (American)

a tin of sweetcorn.
sweetheart noun

a boyfriend or girlfriend

amor; novia; novio
his childhood sweetheart.

used as an endearment for any beloved person, eg a child

cariño, tesoro, corazón
Goodbye, sweetheart!
sweet potato noun (plural sweet potatoes)

(the edible tuber of) a tropical twining plant.

boniato, batata
sweet-smelling adjective

fragante, de olor agradable/dulce
sweet-smelling flowers.
sweet-tempered adjective

kind and friendly

de carácter dulce, amable, agradable, dulce
a sweet-tempered old man.

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