Übersetzung von “tire” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun US UK tyre uk /taɪər/ us /tɑɪər/

a thick, round piece of rubber filled with air that fits around a wheel

My bike has a flat tire (= a tire with no air in it).
verb uk /taɪər/ us /tɑɪər/

to become tired or to make someone become tired

He tires easily.

US spelling of tyre

ortografía americana de “tyre”: neumático

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verb /ˈtaiə/

to make, or become, physically or mentally in want of rest, because of lack of strength, patience, interest etc; to weary

Walking tired her
She tires easily.
tired adjective

wearied; exhausted

She was too tired to continue
a tired child.

( with of) no longer interested in; bored with

cansado (de)
I’m tired of (answering) stupid questions!
tiredness noun

cansancio, fatiga
He was suffering from extreme tiredness.
tireless adjective

never becoming weary or exhausted; never resting

incansable, infatigable
a tireless worker
tireless energy/enthusiasm.
tirelessly adverb

incansablemente, infatigablemente
tirelessness noun

tiresome adjective

troublesome; annoying

molesto; pesado
a tiresome child who is forever complaining about something.
tiresomely adverb

fastidiosamente; pesadamente
tiresomeness noun

carácter fastidioso/molesto; pesadez
tiring adjective

causing (physical) tiredness

I’ve had a tiring day
The journey was very tiring.
tire out phrasal verb

to tire or exhaust completely

agotar, destrozar
The hard work tired her out.

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