Übersetzung von “toss” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /tɒs/ us /tɔs/

to throw something somewhere carelessly

lanzar, tirar
He read the letter quickly, then tossed it into the bin.

(Übersetzung von “toss” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)


verb /tos/

to throw into or through the air

arrojar, tirar, lanzar
She tossed the ball up into the air.

( often with about) to throw oneself restlessly from side to side

dar vueltas(en la cama), moverse con intranquilidad
She tossed about all night, unable to sleep.

(of a ship) to be thrown about

balancearse, ser sacudido
The boat tossed wildly in the rough sea.

to throw (a coin) into the air and decide a matter according to (a correct guess about) which side falls uppermost

jugar/echar a cara o cruz
They tossed a coin to decide which of them should go first.
toss up phrasal verb

to toss a coin to decide a matter

jugarse algo a cara o cruz
We tossed up (to decide) whether to go to the play or the ballet.
win/lose the toss

to guess rightly or wrongly which side of the coin will fall uppermost

ganar/perder a cara o cruz
He won the toss so he started the game.

(Übersetzung von “toss” aus dem PASSWORD English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)