Übersetzung von “up” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adverb, preposition uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/

A2 towards or in a higher place

(hacia) arriba
He ran up the stairs.
She looked up and smiled at me.

A1 to or towards a position that is vertical or as straight as possible

de forma erguida
He stood up.
She sat up.

to a greater degree, amount, volume, etc.

a un nivel más alto, a mayor cantidad
Can you turn up the heat?

used to say that someone completes an action or uses all of something

del todo
I used up all my money.
Eat up the rest of your dinner.
up the road, street, etc.

A2 along or further along the street, road, etc.

en esta misma calle
They live just up the road.
go, walk, etc. up to someone/something

B1 to walk directly towards someone or something until you are next to them

ir, andar, etc. directamente hacia alguien/algo
He came straight up to me and introduced himself.
up to 10, 20, etc.

B1 any amount under 10, 20, etc.

hasta 10, 20, etc.
We can invite up to 65 people.
up to/till/until

B1 until a particular time

You can call me up till midnight.
be up to someone

B1 If an action or decision is up to someone, they are responsible for doing or making it.

ser decisión de alguien
I can’t decide for you. It’s up to you.
be up to something informal

B1 to be doing or planning something bad

estar tramando algo
What are you two up to?
adjective uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/

B1 not in bed

Is she up yet?

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adverb, adjective /ap/

to, or at, a higher or better position

Is the elevator going up?
The office is up on the top floor
She looked up at him
The price of coffee is up again.


derecho; de pie
Sit/Stand up
He got up from his chair.

out of bed

despierto, levantado
What time do you get up?
I’ll be up all night finishing this work.

to the place or person mentioned or understood

A taxi drove up and she got in
He came up (to me) and shook my hand.

into the presence, or consideration, of a person, group of people up

a colación
He brought up the subject during the conversation.

to an increased degree eg of loudness, speed etc

más fuerte/rápido…
Please turn the radio up a little!
Speak up! I can’t hear you

used to indicate completeness; throughly or finally

finalmente; completamente
You’ll end up in hospital if you don’t drive more carefully
Help me wash up the dishes!
I’ve used up the whole supply of paper
He tore up the letter.
upward adjective

going up or directed up

hacia arriba, ascendente
They took the upward path
an upward glance.
upward(s) adverb

(facing) towards a higher place or level

hacia arriba
He was lying on the floor face upwards
The path led upwards.
up-and-coming adjective

(of eg a person starting a career) progressing well

an up-and-coming young doctor.
uphill adverb

up a slope

cuesta arriba
We travelled uphill for several hours.
upstairs adverb

on or to an upper floor

planta/piso superior; arriba
His room is upstairs
She went upstairs to her bedroom.
upstream adverb

towards the upper part or source of a stream, river etc

río arriba, a contracorriente
Salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs.
be up and about

to be out of bed

estar en pie; repuesto
I’ve been up and about for hours
Is she up and about again after her accident?
be up to

to be busy or occupied with (an activity etc)

estar ocupado con algo, traerse algo entre manos
What is he up to now?

to be capable of

ser capaz
He isn’t quite up to the job.

to reach the standard of

estar a la altura (de)
This work isn’t up to your best.

to be the duty or privilege of

estar en las manos de alguien, ser cosa de alguien
It’s up to you to decide
The final choice is up to him.
up to

as far, or as much, as

He counted up to 100
Up to now, the work has been easy.
up to date adjective

completed etc up to the present time

al día, actualizado
Is the catalogue up to date?

modern and in touch with the latest ideas

actual, moderno
This method is up to date.

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