Übersetzung von “waste” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /weɪst/ us /weɪst/

B1 [ no plural ] a bad use of something useful, such as time or money

desperdicio, pérdida
Meetings are a waste of time.
They throw away loads of food – it’s such a waste.

[ no plural ] things that are not wanted

household waste
verb uk /weɪst/ us /weɪst/ present participle wasting, past tense and past participle wasted

B1 to use too much of something or use something badly

desperdiciar, malgastar
Why waste your money on things you don’t need?
adjective uk /weɪst/ us /weɪst/

B1 Waste material is no longer needed and can be got rid of.

de desecho
waste paper

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verb /weist/

to fail to use (something) fully or in the correct or most useful way

desperdiciar, malgastar
You’re wasting my time with all these stupid questions.
wastage /-tidʒ/ noun

loss by wasting; the amount wasted

desperdicio, pérdida; despilfarro
We’re trying to minimize the amount of wastage during the production process.
wasteful adjective

involving or causing waste

derrochador, despilfarrador
Throwing away that bread is wasteful.
wastefully adverb

derrochadoramente, despilfarradoramente
Supermarkets wastefully throw away a lot of unsold food.
wastefulness noun

desperdicio; derroche, despilfarro

(American ) a small open container for waste paper and other rubbish; wastepaper basket (British)

waste paper noun

paper which is thrown away as not being useful

papeles usados, papel desechado
All our waste paper is recycled.
wastepaper basket /ˈweispeipə/ noun

(British ) a basket or other (small) container for waste paper; wastebasket (American)

Put those old letters in the wastepaper basket.
waste pipe /ˈweispaip/ noun

a pipe to carry off waste material, or water from a sink etc

The kitchen waste pipe is blocked.
wastewater /ˈweistˌwoːtə/ noun

water mixed with waste matter that has been used in homes, factories etc

agua residual
The wastewater is pumped to the treatment plant.
waste away phrasal verb

to decay; to lose weight, strength and health etc

consumirse, demacrarse
He is wasting away because of the disease.

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