Übersetzung von “well” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective /wel/ (comparative better /ˈbetə/, superlative best /best/)


bien; sano
I don’t feel very / at all well
She doesn’t look very well
She’s been ill, but she’s quite well now.

in a satisfactory state or condition

All is well now.
well- prefix

in a good, satisfactory etc way etc , as in well-behaved.


very much, as in well-known.

well-behaved adjective

behaving correctly

educado, formal
well-behaved children.
well-being noun


She is always very concerned about her mother’s well-being.
well-bred adjective

(of a person) having good manners

bien educado
a well-bred young woman.
well-built adjective

muscular; having a strong, handsome figure

de construcción sólida, fornido
a well-built man in his early forties.
well-done adjective

(of meat) cooked until there is no blood in it; (of food) cooked for a long time

muy hecho
I’d like my steak well-done, please.
well-dressed adjective

(of a person) wearing fashionable high-quality clothes

bien vestido
A well-dressed young man was standing at the door.
well-earned adjective

thoroughly deserved

bien merecido
a well-earned rest.
well-educated adjective

educated to a good standard

instruido, culto
a well-educated woman.
well-fed adjective

correctly and sufficiently fed

bien alimentado/nutrido
a healthy and well-fed cat.
well-groomed adjective

of smart, tidy appearance

bien vestido, acicalado
A well-groomed gentleman appeared at the door.
well-informed adjective

having or showing a thorough knowledge

bien informado
a well-informed person/essay.
well-known adjective

familiar or famous

conocido, famoso
a well-known TV personality.
well-made adjective

bien hecho
a well-made table.
well-mannered adjective


educado, de buenas maneras
a pleasant well-mannered boy.
well-off adjective


acomodado, adinerado
He is very well-off
a well-off young lady.


afortunado, feliz
You do not know when you are well off.
well-paid /ˈwel ˈpeid/ adjective

earning or providing a lot of money

bien remunerado, bien pagado
a well-paid company executive
She has a well-paid job as a cosmetic surgeon.
well-read /-ˈred/ adjective

having read many books etc; intelligent

leído, instruido, culto
a well-read student.
well-spoken adjective

(of a person) speaking with a pleasing voice, in a grammatically correct way etc

bienhablado, con acento culto
a well-spoken woman
well-to-do adjective

having enough money to live comfortably

acomodado, pudiente
She comes from a well-to-do family.
well-wisher noun

a person who wishes one success etc

simpatizante, partidario
Well-wishers had gathered at the harbour to see him set off on his round-the-world trip.
as well

in addition; too

If you go, I’ll go as well.
as well as

in addition to

además de, así como
She works in a restaurant in the evenings as well as doing a full-time job during the day.
be just as well

to be fortunate; to be no cause for regret

menos mal (que)
It’s just as well (that) you didn’t go – the meeting was cancelled.
be as well to

to be advisable or sensible

ser mejor
It would be as well to go by train because the roads will be very busy at the weekend..
very well

fine, okay

muy bien
Have you finished? Very well, you may go now.
well done! interjection

used in congratulating a person

muy bien, así se hace
I hear you won the competition. Well done!
well enough

fairly, but not particularly, well

no mal del todo
He did well enough in the test.
well up in

knowing a great deal about

muy bien informado
He’s very well up in financial matters.

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