Übersetzung von “who” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


pronoun uk /huː/ us /hu/

A1 used to ask about someone’s name or which person or group someone is talking about

Who told you?
Who’s that?

A2 used to show which person or group of people you are talking about

That’s the man who I saw in the bank.

B1 used to give more information about someone

My brother, who’s only just 17, has already passed his driving test.

the WHO

noun uk /ˌdʌb.əl.juː.eɪtʃˈəʊ/ us /ˌdʌb.əl.juː.eɪtʃˈoʊ/

abbreviation for the World Health Organization

abreviatura de “the World Health Organization”: la Organización Mundial de la Salud, OMS

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pronoun /huː/

(used as the subject of a verb) what person(s)(?)

quién, quiénes
Who is that woman in the green hat?
Who did that?
Who won?
Do you know who all these people are?
whoever relative pronoun

any person or people that

quien, quienquiera que, el que
Whoever gets the job will have a lot of work to do.
whom /huːm/ pronoun

(used as the object of a verb or preposition, but in everyday speech sometimes replaced by who) what person(s)(?)

a quién/quiénes
Whom/who do you want to see?
Whom/who did you give it to?
To whom shall I speak?
know who’s who

to know which people are important

saber qué personas son importantes
It’s important to know who’s who in this business.

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