Die Übersetzung von "around" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


adverb, preposition uk us /əˈraʊnd/
IN A CIRCLE ( also UK round)

on all sides of something

çevresinde, çevresine
They sat around the table.
DIRECTION ( also UK round)

B1 to the opposite direction

ters yönde, tersine, arkasına
He turned around and looked at her.

A2 in a circular movement

dönerek, döner biçimde
This lever turns the wheels around.
ALONG OUTSIDE ( also UK round)

along the outside of something, not through it

boyunca, yanı boyunca
You have to walk around the house to get to the garden.
TO A PLACE ( also UK round)

A2 to or in different parts of a place

bir yerin farklı bölgelerinde, çevresine
I spent a year travelling around Australia.
SEVERAL PLACES ( also UK round)

B1 from one place or person to another

bir yerden veya birinden öbürüne
She passed a plate of biscuits around.

B2 here, or near this place

buralarda, yakınlarda, yakınlara, buralara
Is Roger around?

present or available

hazır, elde edilebilir, mevcut
Mobile phones have been around for years now.

A2 used before a number or amount to mean 'approximately'

yaklaşık, hemen hemen
around four o'clock
around twenty thousand pounds
→ See also throw your weight around

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