Übersetzung von “bad” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /bæd/ us worse, worst

A1 not pleasant

hoş olmayan, nahoş
bad weather
bad news
My phone bill was even worse than I'd expected.
He's in a bad mood today.

A2 of low quality

The service was really bad.
He's always been bad at grammar.

B1 very serious or severe

çok kötü, ciddi, zor, çetin, fena
a bad injury
the worst flooding for years

B1 not lucky, not convenient, or not happening how you would like

uygun değil, şans getirmeyen, istenildiği gibi olmayan
It was just bad luck that she heard us.
Is this a bad time to ask?
not bad

A2 satisfactory

fena değil, fena sayılmaz
"There are about 10 people in a group." "Oh well, that's not bad."
That's not bad for such a small company.
be bad for sb/sth

A2 to be harmful for someone or something

birisine/birşeye zarar vermek, kötü olmak
Looking at a computer screen for too long can be bad for your eyes.
feel bad about sth/doing sth

B1 to feel guilty or sorry about something that has happened

olan bir şeyden ötürü kendini kötü veya suçlu hissetmek
I felt bad about letting her down.
too bad

B1 mainly US informal used to say that you are sorry about a situation

fena, tüh, eyvah, kötü
"He didn't get the job." "Oh, that's too bad."

used to say that nothing can be done to change a situation

Çok fena, çok kötü, eyvah, ne yazık
I know you don't want to go but it's too bad, we have to.

B1 evil

kötü, kötülük yapan, şeytanca davranan
She's a really bad person.

B2 Bad food is not fresh and cannot be eaten.

bozulmuş, çürük
PAINFUL [ always before noun ]

If you have a bad arm, leg, heart, etc, there is something wrong with it and it is painful.

ağrıyan, sızlayan, kötü durumda olan → See also bad blood , be in sb's good/bad books

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