Übersetzung von “burn” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /bɜːn/ us past tense and past participle burnt, burned

B1 to destroy something with fire, or to be destroyed by fire

yakmak, yanmak
I burnt all his letters.
The factory burned to the ground.
He dropped his cigarette and burnt a hole in his jacket.

B1 to produce flames

yangın çıkarmak, yanmak
The fire's burning well.

If you burn something that you are cooking, you cook it too much and if something you are cooking burns, it cooks too much.

yemek vb. yakmak, ateşte yakarak yok etmek, dibini tutturmak, dibi tutmak
Check the pizza - I think it's burning!
burn yourself/your fingers, etc

B1 to be hurt by fire or heat

kendini/parmağını vs. yakmak, yakarak yaralamak
He burned his hand on the kettle.
ENERGY [ T ] also burn up

to use fuel to produce heat or energy

benzin yakmak
to burn calories/fuel
COPY [ T ]

to copy music, information or images onto a CD

CD'ye bir şeyler kaydetmek
He's burnt all his favourite records onto a CD.
SKIN [ I ]

to be very hot or sore

yanmak, kızarmak, acı ile yanmak
Her cheeks were burning.
burn with anger/hatred, etc

to feel an emotion very strongly

kızgınlıktan/nefretten yanıp tutuşmak, içi yanmak, öfkeden kudurmak, içi içini yemek

(Übersetzung von “burn verb” aus dem Cambridge Lernerwörterbuch Englisch–Türkisch © Cambridge University Press)