Übersetzung von “care” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /keər/ us

B1 to think that something is important and to feel interested in it or worried about it

ilgilenmek, ihtimam göstermek, gözetmek
He cares deeply about the environment.
[ + question word ] I don't care how long it takes - just get the job done.
LOVE [ I ]

B1 to love someone

aşık olmak, sevmek
Your parents are only doing this because they care about you.
I knew that Amy still cared for me.
I/he, etc couldn't care less informal

used to emphasize that someone is not interested in or worried about something or someone

aldırmam(z), umursamam(z), takmam(z); umurunda olmamak, vız gelmek
[ + question word ] I couldn't care less what people think.
Who cares? informal

B2 used to emphasize that you do not think something is important

Kim takar? Umurumda mı? Neden aldırayım ki?
"Manchester United will be in the final if they win this match." "Who cares?"
Would you care for sth/to do sth? formal

used to ask someone if they want something or want to do something

... ile ilgilenir misin? ...yapmaya ne dersin? ...düşünür müsün? ... bakar mısın, ilgilenir misin?
Would you care for a drink?
Would you care to join us for dinner?

(Übersetzung von “care verb” aus dem Cambridge Lernerwörterbuch Englisch–Türkisch © Cambridge University Press)