Die Übersetzung von "come round" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch

come round

UK phrasal verb with come uk us /kʌm/ verb (past tense came, past participle come)

A2 to visit someone at their house

ziyaret etmek, uğramak, geçerken uğramak
You must come round to the flat for dinner some time.

to change your opinion about something, or agree to an idea or a plan that you were against

sonunda fikir değiştirip kabul etmek, dediğine gelmek

If an event that happens regularly comes round, it happens, or is going to happen soon.

olmak, (zamanı) gelmek
I can't believe that winter has come round already.

to become conscious again after an accident or medical operation

bir kaza veya ameliyattan sonra kendine gelmek, ayılmak

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