Übersetzung von “course” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /kɔːs/ us
of course

A1 used to say 'yes' and emphasize your answer

elbette, elbet, şüphesiz, kuşkusuz
"Can you help me?" "Of course!"

B1 used to show that what you are saying is obvious or already known

herhalde, tabiî
Of course, the Olympics are not just about money.
of course not

A2 used to say 'no' and emphasize your answer

elbette/tabiî ki hayır
"Do you mind if I borrow your pen?" "Of course not."

A1 a series of lessons about a particular subject

She did a ten-week course in computing.

A2 a part of a meal

yemek, kap, tabak
a three-course dinner

B1 an area used for horse races or playing golf

parkur, yarış pisti, golf sahası, alan
a golf course
MEDICINE [ C ] mainly UK

a fixed number of regular medical treatments

tertip, kür
a course of antibiotics
ROUTE [ C, U ]

the direction in which a ship, aircraft, etc is moving

yol, rota, seyir
During the storm, the boat was blown off course (= in the wrong direction).
ACTION [ C ] also course of action, uk us

something that you can do in a particular situation

hal tarzı, hareket şekli, biçimi
I think the best course of action would be to write to him.
during/in/over the course of sth

during a particular time or activity

sırasında, esnasında, zarfında
In the course of the interview she mentioned her previous experience.
in due course

B2 at a suitable time in the future

vakti gelince, uygun zamanda
The results will be sent to you in due course.
DEVELOPMENT [ no plural ]

the way something develops, usually over a long time

gelişme, ilerleme
Nuclear weapons have changed the course of modern history.
in the course of time UK

gradually, or over a period of time

zamanla, zamanı/sırası gelince,
be on course for sth/to do sth UK

to be very likely to succeed at something

bir şeyde muhtemelen başarılı olmak
run its course

If something runs its course, it continues naturally until it has finished.

doğal sonucuna doğru ilerlemek, hükmünü icra etmek, olacağına varmak → See also be on a collision course , crash course , be par for the course

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