Übersetzung von “cue” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /kjuː/ us

an action or event that is a sign that something should happen

ipucu, işaret, olay, hareket
The final goal was the cue for celebration.

a signal that tells someone to start speaking or doing something when acting in a play, film, etc

(oyun, film vb.) başlama işareti, replik
on cue

If something happens on cue, it happens at exactly the right time.

tam zamanında, tam o esnada
Then, right on cue, Andrew appeared at the door.
take your cue from sb/sth

to copy what someone else does

birinin yaptığının aynısını yapmak, taklit etmek, zeklenmek
I took my cue from the others and left.

a long, straight stick used to hit the balls in games like snooker (= a game played with small coloured balls on a table)

bilardo sopası, isteka

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