Übersetzung von “down” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


adverb, preposition uk /daʊn/ us

A2 towards or in a lower place

altta, alta/aşağı doğru
The kids ran down the hill to the gate.
I bent down to have a look.

towards or at a lower level or amount

belli miktarın altında/altına inen
Can you turn the music down?
Slow down so they can see us.

A1 moving from above and onto a surface

yukarıdan bir yüzeyin üzerine doğru/üzerinde
I sat down and turned on the TV.
Put that box down on the floor.

in or towards a particular direction, usually south

güneye doğru/güneyde; aşağı, aşağı doğru
Pete's moved down to London.
down the road/river, etc

A2 along or further along the road/river, etc

nehir/yol boyunca
There's another pub further down the street.
note/write, etc sth down

B1 to write something on a piece of paper

not almak/tutmak; çalakalem yazmak
Can I just take down your phone number?

inside your stomach

mideye doğru/midede
He's had food poisoning and can't keep anything down.
be down to sb UK

to be someone's responsibility or decision

(sorumluluk/yükümlülük) ...e düşmek, iş başa düşmek
I've done all I can now, the rest is down to you.
come/go down with sth

to become sick

yatağa düşmek; yatak, döşek hasta olmak
The whole family came down with food poisoning.

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