Die Übersetzung von "drive" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb uk us /draɪv/ (past tense drove, past participle driven)

to make a car, bus, or train move, and control what it does

(araba, otobüs, tren) kullanmak/sürmek
She's learning to drive.
He drives a red sports car.

A1 to travel somewhere in a car, or to take someone somewhere in a car

arabayla gitmek/götürmek
My friend drove me home last night.
drive sb out/away/from, etc

to force someone to leave a place

zorla çıkarmak; kovmak; kapı dışarı etmek
The supermarket has driven many small shops out of the area.
drive sb crazy/mad/wild, etc

B2 to make someone feel crazy, annoyed, or excited

kızdırmak, küplere binmesine sebep olmak, kafasının tasını attırmak; rahatsız etmek; heyecanlandırmak
That noise is driving me mad.
drive sb to sth; drive sb to do sth

to make someone have a bad feeling or do something bad

kötü bir şeye/bir şey yapmaya zorlamak; itmek
The arguments and violence drove her to leave home.
drive sth into/through/towards, etc

to push something somewhere by hitting it hard

zorla iterek sokmak; itmek; sokuşturmak; tıkmak
He drove the nail into the wall with a hammer.

to provide the power or energy that makes someone or something work

enerji/azim/şevk/kuvvet vermek; itici güç olmak
[ often passive ] She was driven by greed and ambition.
→ See also drive/send sb round the bend , drive sb up the wall

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