Die Übersetzung von "favour" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


noun UK ( US favor) uk us /ˈfeɪvər/
HELP [ C ]

B1 something that you do to help someone

iyilik, lütuf
Could you do me a favour please?
I wanted to ask you a favour.
be in favour of sth

B2 to agree with or approve of a plan or idea

...den/dan yana olmak, taraftarı/detekçisi olmak
Most people are in favour of reducing traffic in cities.
in favour of sb/sth

If you refuse or get rid of someone or something in favour of someone or something else, you choose them instead.

...nin/nın yararına/lehine
They dropped him from the team in favour of a much younger player.
in sb's favour

If something is in your favour, it helps you to win or succeed.

(birinin) lehine/lehinde
Both sides have strong arguments in their favour.

If a game, vote, or judgment is in someone's favour, they win.

...in/ın lehine/yararına
The final score was 16-10 in England's favour.
LIKE [ U ] formal

when people like something or someone

beğeni, ilgi, alaka
Her work never found favour among the critics.
be in favour/out of favour

to be popular/unpopular

gözde olmak/gözden düşmek, hâlâ beğenilmek/beğenilmemek
He has fallen out of favour recently.

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