Übersetzung von “for” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


preposition uk strong /fɔːr/ us weak /r/ us

A1 intended to be given to or used by someone or something

(verilen/kullanılan) için
I've bought a few clothes for the new baby.
parking for residents only

A2 having a particular purpose

(amaç) belli bir amaç için
a cream for dry skin
What are those large scissors for?

A2 because of or as a result of something

yüzünden, den dolayı; ...dığı için
[ + doing sth ] I got fined for travelling without a ticket.
Scotland is famous for its spectacular countryside.

A1 used to show an amount of time or distance

(zaman, mesafe) süresince, mesafesince
We drove for miles before we found a phone box.
I've been living with my parents for a few months.

A2 in order to get or achieve something

(elde etmek/almak) için; başarmak için
I've sent off for an application form.
We had to wait for a taxi.

B1 in order to help someone

yardım için/amacıyla
I'll carry those bags for you.

A2 on the occasion of

vesilesiyle, münasebetiyle
We're having a party for Jim's 60th birthday.

A2 at a particular time

(belli bir zaman) için, süresince
I've booked a table for 9 o'clock.

A2 in exchange for something, especially an amount of money

(para, döviz) bozdurmak için
How much did you pay for your computer?
I'd like to change it for a smaller one.

B2 supporting or agreeing with someone or something

(destekleme) lehinde olarak, onun için
Who did you vote for?
There were 16 people for the motion and 14 against.

B1 representing or working with a country, organization, etc

(temsilen) adına, için
He plays football for Manchester United.
She works for a charity.

A2 towards or in the direction of

...e/a doğru; yönünde
Just follow the signs for the airport.

when compared to a particular fact

(kıyas) ...e/a göre; mukayese edildiğinde
She's quite tall for her age.

A2 meaning or representing something

anlamında, (sözcük ve ifade) için karşılık
What's the German word for 'cucumber'?

used to say whose responsibility something is

sorumluluğunda, kararı için
I can't tell you whether you should go or not - that's for you to decide.
for all


For all her qualifications, she's useless at the job.
for all I care/know

used to say that a fact is not important to you

aldırmam, umursamam, beni bağlamaz, önemli değil
He could be married by now, for all I care.
for now

used to say that something should happen or be done now but can be changed later

Just put everything on the table for now.
be for it UK informal UK/US be in for it

to be in trouble

başı belada olmak
If Hilary finds out I'll be for it!

(Übersetzung von “for” aus dem Cambridge Lernerwörterbuch Englisch–Türkisch © Cambridge University Press)