Die Übersetzung von "go out" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch

go out

phrasal verb with go uk us /ɡəʊ/ verb [ I ] (present participle going, past tense went, past participle gone)

A1 to leave a place in order to go somewhere else

dışarı çıkmak
Are you going out tonight?

B1 If a light or something that is burning goes out, it stops producing light or heat.

(ışık, ampul vb.) sönmek, patlamak
It took ages for the fire to go out.

B1 If two people go out together, they have a romantic relationship with each other.

duygusal bir ilişki yaşamak, birlikte çıkmak, flört etmek
I've been going out with him for a year.

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