Übersetzung von “good” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ɡʊd/ us better, best

A1 enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting

iyi, hoş, ilginç
a good book
Did you have a good time at the party?

A1 of a high quality or level

iyi, kaliteli
She speaks good French.
The food at this restaurant is very good.

A1 successful, or able to do something well

iyi, başarılı
Anne's a good cook.
She's very good at geography.

A1 kind or helpful

nazik, yardımsever
a good friend
My granddaughter is very good to me.

A1 something that you say when a person asks how you are

iyi, keyfi yerinde, güzel
'Hi, how are you?' 'I'm good, thanks.'

A1 having a positive or useful effect

iyi gelen, işe yarayan
Exercise is good for you.

A2 suitable or satisfactory

uygun, yerinde, yeterli
When would be a good time to call?

A2 A good child or animal behaves well.

iyi huylu, iyi

B1 morally right

iyi ahlaklı, iyi
a good person
He sets a good example to the rest of the class.

complete and detailed

tam ve ayrıntılı
She got a good look at the robbers.

B2 used to emphasize the number, amount, quality, etc of something

epey, çokça, bir hayli
There's a good chance he'll pass the exam.

A1 something you say when you are satisfied or pleased about something or when you agree with something

'Ne iyi!', 'Oh!', 'Hele şükür!', 'Ne güzel!'
Oh good, he's arrived at last.
Good God/grief/heavens!, etc

used to express surprise or shock

'Aman Allah'ım!', 'Aman Yarabbi!'
Good heavens! It's already 11 p.m.
a good 20 minutes/30 miles, etc

not less than 20 minutes/30 miles, etc and probably a bit more

20 dakikadan/30 milden az olamaz/az değil → See also be in sb's good/bad books , it's a good job , for good measure , stand sb in good stead

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