Die Übersetzung von "hell" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


noun uk us /hel/

B2 according to some religions, the place where bad people go when they die

EXPERIENCE [ U ] informal

B2 an experience that is very unpleasant

cehennem azabı, çok kötü şey, büyük sıkıntı
It's been hell working with him.
the hell informal

B2 used to emphasize something in a rude or angry way

'Hay Allah!', 'Kör olası!', 'Hay kör olası şeytan!', 'Lanet olası!'
What the hell are you doing here?
a/one hell of a informal

used to say that someone or something is very good, big, etc

berbat, feci, bir hayli, pek çok, müthiş
a hell of a noise
He's one hell of a tennis player.
from hell informal

used to say that someone or something is extremely bad

cehenneme dönmüş, cehennem gibi, berbat, çok kötü
We had the holiday from hell.
like hell informal

very much

müthiş, feci, çok fazla, aşırı
It's raining like hell out there.

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