Übersetzung von “herself” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


pronoun uk /həˈself/ us

A2 the reflexive form of the pronoun 'she'

(bayan) kendi, kendini, kendine, kendisini, kendisine
She kept telling herself that nothing was wrong.

B2 used to emphasize the pronoun 'she' or the particular female person you are referring to

(bayan) (bizzat) kendisi
She decorated the cake herself.
(all) by herself

A2 alone or without anyone else's help

kendi kendine, tek başına, kendi başına
She managed to put her shoes on all by herself.
(all) to herself

for her use only

sadece kendine ait; onun kendisine ait
My sister's got the house to herself this weekend.

(Übersetzung von “herself” aus dem Cambridge Lernerwörterbuch Englisch–Türkisch © Cambridge University Press)