Übersetzung von “know” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /nəʊ/ us past tense knew, past participle known

A1 to have knowledge or information about something in your mind

"How old is she?" "I don't know."
Andrew knows a lot about computers.
[ + question word ] Do you know where the station is?
[ + (that) ] He knew that she was lying.

B1 to be familiar with a person, place, or thing because you have met them, been there, used it, etc before

bilmek, görmüş/duymuş/bulunmuş/karşılaşmış olmak
I've known Tim since primary school.
I grew up in Brussels so I know it well.
Since moving to London, I've got to know (= become familiar with) some nice people.

A2 to be able to do something

anlamak, bilmek, yapabilmek
[ + question word ] Do you know how to ski?
I only know (= understand and speak) a little Spanish.
let sb know

A2 to tell someone something

haber vermek, bildirmek, bilgilendirmek
Let me know if you're going to the party.

to guess something correctly

doğru tahminde bulunmak, doğru bilmek
I knew she'd arrive late.
I should have known he wouldn't come.

to understand and agree with someone

anlayıp/bilip hak vermek, anlamak, kavramak ve hak vermek, demek istediğini anlamak
I know what you mean about Pete - I wouldn't trust him at all.
be known as sth

B1 to be called something

öyle bilinmek, anılmak, çağırılmak, ...ile tanınmak; ...olarak da bilinmek
California is also known as the Sunshine State.
have known sth

to have had experience of something

bilmişliği/görmüşlüğü olmak, daha önceden deneyimi olmak
I've never known the weather be so hot.
know better (than to do sth)

B2 to have the intelligence or judgment not to do something

biliyor olmalıydı, bilmiş olmalı, bilmeli
She should have known better than to eat so much. No wonder she feels sick now.
I know

B2 used when you agree with something someone has just said

'doğru söylüyorsun!', 'Biliyorum!', 'Haklısın!'
"It's a lovely day, isn't it?" "I know - let's hope it lasts."

B1 used when you have an idea

'Biliyorum!', 'Ben biliyorum!', 'Bana güvenin!'
I know - let's go to Helen's house.
you know

used to emphasize that someone does know what you are referring to

'Bildiğiniz gibi', 'Siz de biliyorsunuz ki...'
You know, he's the one with curly hair.

B1 something that you say while you are thinking what to say next

'Eee...', 'Biliyorsunuz ...'
It's, you know, supposed to be a surprise.

B1 used to emphasize what you are saying

'Bilirsiniz', 'Herkesin de bildiği gibi'
I'm not an idiot, you know.
as far as I know

B2 used to say that you think something is true, but cannot be sure

'Bildiğim/bilebildiğim kadarıyla...'
As far as I know, he's never been in prison.
you never know

B2 used to say that something could be possible although it does not seem likely

'Asla bilemezsin...!', 'Asla tahmin bile edemezsin...!', 'Kimse bilemez...!', 'Yine de belli olmaz...!'
You never know - you might win the lottery.
before you know it

very soon

çok yakında, kimsenin haberi olmadan
We'll be there before you know it.
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