Übersetzung von “out” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


adjective, adverb uk /aʊt/ us

B1 used to show movement away from the inside of a place or container

dışarı, dışarıya
He dropped the bag and all the apples fell out.
She opened the window and stuck her head out.

outside a building or room

dışarda, dışında, açık havada
Would you like to wait out here?
It's bitterly cold out today.

A2 not in the place where you usually live or work, especially for a short time

yerinde değil, dışarda
I came round to see you this morning but you were out.

A fire or light that is out is not burning or shining.

(ateş, ışık) yanmıyor, sönmüş, parlamıyor
Bring some more wood, the fire's gone out.

B1 available to buy or see

gösterimde, satışta, sunulma, çıkma
When's the new Spielberg film out?

no longer fashionable or popular

moda olmayan, eskisi gibi popüler değil
Trousers like that went out years ago.

not accurate

doğru değil, yanlış, hatalı, eksik
Your figures are out by £300.

no longer able to play or take part in a game or competition

yarış/yarışma/oyun dışı kalma
Two of the best players were out after ten minutes.

B1 able to be seen

ortaya çıkma, gözükme, doğma, yükselme
After a few minutes the sun came out.

not possible or not acceptable

mümkün olmama, kabul görmeme
Next weekend is out because we're going away.
be out of sth

B2 to have no more of something left

bit(ir)mek, tükenmek, tüketmek
We're nearly out of petrol.
be out for sth; be out to do sth

to intend to do something, especially for an unpleasant reason

istemeyerek bir şeyi yapma niyetinde olmak
He's only out to impress the boss.
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