Übersetzung von “over” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


adverb, preposition uk /ˈəʊvər/ us

B1 above or higher than something

üstünde, üzerinde, üzerine
The sign over the door said "Private, No Entry".
A fighter plane flew over.

B1 If you walk, jump, climb, etc over an object or place, you go from one side of it to the other side.

(yürüme, tırmanma, atlama) üzerini, üzerinde, üzerinden
We had to climb over large rocks to get to the beach.

A2 more than a particular amount, number, or age

(miktar, sayı, yaş vs.) ...dan/den fazla
Over 5,000 Internet users contact our website every year.
Suitable for children aged 5 and over.

B1 on or to the opposite side of a road, bridge, path, etc

karşısında/karşısına; çaprazında/çaprazına
The station is over the bridge.

A2 covering someone or something

üstüne, üzerine
She placed the quilt over the bed.

down from a higher to a lower position

aşağı, yere
The little boy fell over and started to cry.
She tripped over the rug.

B1 to a particular place

buraya, burada/şuraya, şurada
Could you bring the plates over here (= bring them to this place).
He was sent over there during the war.

B1 during a particular period of time

boyunca, süresince, zamanında, döneminde
I was in Seattle over the summer.

connected with or about

...ile ilgili olarak; konusunda/hususunda
It's stupid arguing over something so trivial.

not used

kalan, kullanılmamış olan; kullanılmamış/kalmış, bırakılmış
There's some food left over from the party.

B2 using the radio or telephone

telefon/radyo kullanarak; telefon/radyo ile
I made the booking over the phone.
be/get over sth

to feel better after being sick or feeling unhappy about something

iyileşmek, kendine gelmek, toparlamak, daha mutlu olmak
It took him months to get over breaking up with his girlfriend.
do sth over US

to do something again from the beginning because you did not do it well the first time

bir şeyi yeni baştan yapmak
You've ruined it! Now I'll have to do it over.
(all) over again

B2 again from the beginning

ta başından, ilk baştan, yeni baştan, bir daha
It looks all messy. I'm going to have to do it all over again.
over and over (again)

B2 repeatedly

tekrar tekrar, defalarca
He was whistling the same tune over and over.
roll/turn, etc (sth) over

B2 to move so that a different part is showing, or to make something do this

arkasını çevirmek; alt üst etmek; öteki tarafını döndürmek/çevirmek; ters yüz etmek/olmak
She turned the page over.

in control of someone or something

kontrolünde, etkisinde, altında
Her husband has a lot of influence over her.

(Übersetzung von “over adverb, preposition” aus dem Cambridge Lernerwörterbuch Englisch–Türkisch © Cambridge University Press)