Übersetzung von “perch” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /pɜːtʃ/ us
perch (sth) on/in/above, etc

to be in a high position or in a position near the edge of something, or to put something in this position

tünemek, oturmak, durmak; tünetmek, oturtmak, koymak
[ often passive ] The village was perched on the side of a mountain.
She wore glasses perched on the end of her nose.
perch on/in, etc

to sit near the edge of something

konmak, tünemek, oturmak
The children perched on the edges of their seats.

(Übersetzung von “perch verb” aus dem Cambridge Lernerwörterbuch Englisch–Türkisch © Cambridge University Press)