Die Übersetzung von "presence" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


noun uk us /ˈprezəns/

B2 when someone or something is in a place

hazır bulunma, huzur
She signed the document in the presence of two witnesses.
POLICE/SOLDIERS [ no plural ]

a group of police or soldiers who are watching or controlling a situation

(polis, asker) birlik; denetim kontrol grubu/müfrezesi/birliği
a strong police presence

a quality that makes people notice and admire you

kişilik, görünüş, tavı, edâ
presence of mind

the ability to deal with a difficult situation quickly and effectively

soğukkanlılık; ağır başlılık, pratik zekâ
She had the presence of mind to press the alarm.
make your presence felt

to have a strong effect on other people

varlığını hissettirmek, kendini göstermek, kendini saydırmak
The new police chief has really made his presence felt.

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