Übersetzung von “serve” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /sɜːv/ us

A2 to give someone food or drink, especially guests or customers in a restaurant or bar

hizmet etmek, servis yapmak, görev yapmak
We're not allowed to serve alcohol to anyone under 18.
SHOP [ I, T ]

B1 to help customers and sell things to them in a shop

hizmet vermek, bakmak, hizmet sunmak
Are you being served?
WORK [ I, T ]

to do work that helps society, for example in an organization such as the army or the government

görev yapmak/etmek, görev almak
to serve in the army
to serve on a committee/jury
He served as mayor for 5 years.

to be useful as something

işe yaramak, faydalı olmak
It's a very entertaining film but it also serves an educational purpose.
The spare bedroom also serves as a study.
[ + to do sth ] He hopes his son's death will serve to warn others about the dangers of owning a gun.

to be in prison for a period of time

hapiste yatmak, ceza çekmek
Williams, 42, is serving a four-year jail sentence.

in a sport such as tennis, the action of throwing the ball up into the air and then hitting it towards the other player

servis atmak/kullanmak
serves one/two/four, etc

If an amount of food serves a particular number, it is enough for that number of people.

yeterli olmak; ...lık/lik olmak → See also It serves her/him/you right!

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