Übersetzung von “take” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb [ T ] uk /teɪk/ us past tense took, past participle taken

A1 to get and carry something with you when you go somewhere

almak, götürmek
I always take my mobile phone with me.

A1 to go somewhere with someone, often paying for them or being responsible for them

biriyle gitmek, birini götürmek
I took the kids to the park.

B1 to remove something without permission

izinsiz almak/götürmek
Someone's taken my coat.

B1 to get hold of something and move it

alıp götürmek
He reached across and took the glass from her.

B1 to accept something

kabul etmek, almak, kabullenmek
So, are you going to take the job?
Do you take credit cards?

A2 If something takes a particular amount of time, or a particular quality, you need that amount of time or that quality in order to be able to do it.

almak, gerektirmek, gerekmek
[ + to do sth ] It's taken me three days to get here.
It takes a lot of courage to stand up and talk in front of so many people.

A2 to swallow or use medicine

ilaç almak; hap yutmak
Take two tablets, three times a day.

to measure something

ölçüsünü almak, ölçmek
Have you taken her temperature?

B1 to wear a particular size of clothes

belli bedende bir kıyafet giymek
I take a size 12 in trousers.

to have enough space for a particular number of people or things

(belli sayıda insan ve eşya) almak, kaldırmak, taşımak
There's six of us and the car only takes five.

A2 to travel somewhere by using a bus, train, car, etc, or by using a particular road

otobüs, tren, otomobil vb araçla gitmek/seyahat etmek
Are you taking the train to Edinburgh?
take a break/rest, etc

B1 to stop working for a period

ara vermek, teneffüs yapmak, bir süre dinlenmek; mola vermek; nefes almak
take pleasure/pride/an interest, etc

B2 to have a particular, good feeling about something that you do

zevk almak, gurur duymak; ilgi duymak
I take great pleasure in cooking.
These women take their jobs very seriously (= think their jobs are very important).
take a look

B1 to look at something

bir göz atmak, şöyle bir bakmak
Take a look at these photos.

to understand something in a particular way

anlamak, gerektiği gibi anlamak
Whatever I say she'll take it the wrong way.
I take it (that)

used when you think that what you say is probably true

Sanırım!, Farzediyorum!, Zannediyorum!'
I take it you're not coming with us.
can't take sth

B2 to not be able to deal with an unpleasant situation

kaldıramamak, artık dayanamamak; daha fazla güç bulamamak
We argue all the time - I really can't take it any more.
take it from me

accept that what I say is true, because I know or have experienced it

sözünü dinlemek; tecrübe ve bilgisine itibar etmek; söylediğine güvenmek; 'İnan ki!'
You could be doing a much less interesting job, take it from me.
take sth as it comes

to deal with something as it happens, without planning for it

nasılsa öyle ilgilenmek; planlamadan ilgilenmek; işi oluruna bırakmak

to get control of something by force

ele geçirmek, zorla elde etmek, zorla almak
By morning they had taken the city.

(Übersetzung von “take” aus dem Cambridge Lernerwörterbuch Englisch–Türkisch © Cambridge University Press)