Übersetzung von “terms” — Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


noun [ plural ] uk /tɜːmz/ us

B2 the rules of an agreement

koşullar, şartlar
Under the terms of their contract, employees must give 3 months notice if they want to leave.
be on good/bad/friendly, etc terms

to have a good/bad, etc relationship with someone

araları/ilişkileri iyi/kötü/dostâne vb. olmak; ...ilişkileri ... olmak
not be on speaking terms

to not speak to someone because you have argued with them

dargın olmak, konuşmamak, küs olmak; suskunluk döneminde olmak
in ... terms also in terms of sth

B2 used to explain which part of a problem or situation you are referring to

...açı(sın)dan, ...bakım(ın)dan; ...yönünden/cihetinden
In financial terms, the project was not a success.
in no uncertain terms

in a direct and often angry way

doğrudan ve kesin bir dille; kızarak ve yüzüne; doğrudan yüzüne
I told him to go away in no uncertain terms.
come to terms with sth

to accept a sad situation

He still hasn't come to terms with his brother's death.
→ See also a contradiction in terms

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