Die Übersetzung von "tread" - Englisch-Türkisch Wörterbuch


verb uk us /tred/ (past tense trod, past participle trodden)

[ I, T ] mainly UK to put your foot on something or to press something down with your foot

basmak, basıp ezmek, çiğnemek
I trod on a piece of broken glass.
David trod in some paint.
The kids were treading cake crumbs into the carpet.
tread carefully/gently/lightly, etc

to be careful what you say so that you do not upset someone

dikkatli/nazik/hafifçe davranmak/söylemek/hareket etmek
tread water

to float vertically in the water by moving your arms and legs up and down

suda dikey olarak yüzmek/hareket etmek; suda dik durmak

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