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“the internet” im Englisch

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the internetnoun [ S ]

uk /ˈɪn.tə.net/ us /ˈɪn.t̬ɚ.net/ informal the Net

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“Internet” im amerikanischen Englisch

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Internetnoun [ U ]

us /ˈɪn·tərˌnet/ also Net

the large system of connected computers around the world which people use to communicate with each other:

I learned about it on the Internet.

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“internet” im Business-Englisch

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also Internet uk /ˈɪntənet/ us INTERNET, IT
the internet

the system for connecting computers around the world that allows people to share information, visit websites, communicate using email, etc.:

on/over/via the internet When you shop on the internet, be careful where you buy and who you buy from.
More than one-quarter of American share trades now take place via the internet.
access the internet You can now access the internet just about anywhere, at any time.
advertise (sth)/post sth on the internet The full list of results will be posted on the internet next week.
download (sth) from the internet You can download discount coupons for many restaurants from the internet.

[ U ] the fact of the internet being available to use:

You will need broadband internet in order to use this service.
We are one of the cheapest providers of mobile internet.

internetadjective [ before noun ]

also Internet uk /ˈɪntənet/ us

INTERNET, IT relating to the internet:

In Asia, the cell phone is a primary internet connection device.
The broker increased its internet capability to handle 40,000 trades a day.
internet companies
Our internet sales surpassed catalog orders for the first time.
an internet site

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