Bedeutung von “control” im Essential American English Dictionary


noun us /kənˈtroʊl/

[ no plural ] the power to make a person or thing do what you want:

The new teacher has no control over the class.
He lost control of the car.
under control

If a situation is under control, things are happening in the way that you want them to:

Don’t worry – everything’s under control.
out of control

behaving very badly and not stopped by anyone:

The children were out of control.
beyond your control/out of control

If something or someone is beyond your control or out of control, you cannot influence or direct them:

There’s nothing we can do – the situation is beyond our control.
The car skidded and went out of control.

a switch or other device used to operate a machine:

Where’s the volume control on your phone?

a place where something official, usually a document, is checked:

passport control
take control

to start to rule or govern an area:

The dictator took control of the country in 1933.

(Definition von “control noun” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)