Bedeutung von “fair” im Essential American English Dictionary


adjective us /feər/

A2 Fair hair or skin, or a person who has it, is pale or light in color:

a boy with fair hair

B1 treating or affecting everyone in the same way:

a fair trial
It’s not fair that she gets to go and I don’t!
I’m willing to do my fair share of the work (= an equal part).
→ Opposite unfair
a fair price,deal, offer, etc.

B1 a price, deal, offer, etc. that is right for a situation and not asking for too much:

He offered me a fair price for the car.
a fair amount, number, etc.

a fairly large amount, number, etc.:

There’s still a fair amount of work to be done on the house.

good, but not very good:

He has a fair chance of winning.

sunny and not raining

fair enough

used for saying that you can understand and accept someone’s opinion or decision:

“He says he’ll only work on Sunday if he gets paid extra.” “Fair enough.”

(Definition von “fair adjective” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)