Bedeutung von “give” im Essential American English Dictionary


verb us /ɡɪv/ present participle giving, past tense gave, past participle given

A1 to provide someone with something:

I gave her a bike for her birthday.
Do you give / money to charity?

A2 to put something in someone’s hand so that he or she can use it or look at it:

Can you give me that pen?

A2 to tell someone something:

Can you give Jo a message?

B1 to do an action:

He gave her a kiss.

B1 to produce or cause something:

What you said has given me an idea.
That book gave me an idea.

B1 to allow someone to have something, such as a right or an opportunity:

We didn’t really give him a chance to explain.

B1 to allow someone or something a particular amount of time:

I’m nearly ready – just give me a few minutes.

B1 to pay someone a particular amount of money for something:

I gave him $20 for his old camera.

to perform or speak in public:

Tony gave a great speech.

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