Bedeutung von “here” im Essential American English Dictionary


adverb us /hɪər/

A1 in the place where you are:

Does Lily live near here?
Come here!

used when saying who you are on the telephone:

Hello, Jim here.

at this point in a discussion or piece of writing:

I don’t have time to examine the issue here.
here you are

A2 used when you are giving someone something:

“Please pass me the bread.” “Here you are.”
here you are, here it is, etc.

A2 used when you see someone or something you have been looking for or waiting for:

Here’s our bus.
I can’t find my keys – oh, here they are.
here and there

in many different places:

Weeds were growing here and there in the garden.

(Definition von “here” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)