Bedeutung von “high” im Essential American English Dictionary


adjective us /hɑɪ/

A2 having a long distance from the bottom to the top:

→ Opposite low

B1 a long distance above the ground or the level of the sea:

The village was high up in the mountains.

used to say how long the distance is from the top of something to the bottom:

How high is it?
It’s ten feet high.

B1 great in amount or level:

high prices
→ Opposite low

B1 very good:

of high quality
She got a high score on the last test.

A high sound or note is near the top of the set of sounds that people can hear.

→ Opposite low

important, powerful, or at an upper level of something:

a high rank in the army

(Definition von “high adjective” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)