Bedeutung von “lose” im Essential American English Dictionary


verb us /luz/ present participle losing, past tense and past participle lost

A2 to not be able to find someone or something:

I lost my passport.
She’s always losing her keys.

B1 to stop having something that you had before:

She lost a leg in a car accident.
He lost his job.

B1 to have less of something than you had before:

She’s lost a lot of weight.
He’s losing his hair.

B1 If you lose a game, the team or person that you are playing against wins:

Chelsea lost by a goal.
They’re losing 3-1.
lose interest, patience, etc.

to stop feeling something:

I’ve lost interest in the subject.
He kept on crying, and I lost my patience.

to waste something such as time or an opportunity:

Because of illness, she lost the chance of a place in the team.

(Definition von “lose” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)