Bedeutung von “love” im Essential American English Dictionary


noun us /lʌv/

B1 [ no plural ] the feeling of liking someone very much and having sexual feelings for him or her:

a love song

B1 [ no plural ] the feeling of liking a friend or person in your family very much:

Nothing is as strong as the love / you have for your kids.

B1 a person that you love and feel attracted to:

She was my first love.

something that interests you a lot:

his love of books
love; all my love

A2 something you write at the end of a letter to a friend or someone in your family:

Love, Mom
in love

B1 having a strong feeling that you love someone:

I’m in love with him.
I was 20 when I first fell in love (= started to love someone).
make love

to have sex

(Definition von “love noun” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)