Bedeutung von “on” im Essential American English Dictionary


preposition us /ɔn, ɑn/

A1 on a surface of something:

I put the book on that shelf.
He stepped on my foot.

A1 covering, touching, attached to, or hanging from something:

You have blood on your shirt.
Which finger do you wear your ring on?

A1 used to show the date or day when something happens:

He will arrive on February 14.
I have to work on Saturday.

A2 used to refer to a place when giving directions:

Make the first turn on the right.
Our house is the second on the left after the stop sign.

A2 in a particular place:

See the diagram on page 22.
I met her on a ship.

A2 being broadcast or presented:

What’s on TV tonight?
a musical playing on Broadway

A2 used to show what money or time is used for:

She refuses to spend more than $40 on a pair of shoes.
We have wasted too much time on this already.

A2 used to show some methods of traveling:

Sam loves travellingriding on buses.
Did you go over on the ferry?

B1 about:

B1 next to or along the side of:

The bank is on Maple Street.
Cambridge is on the River Cam.
Cincinnati is on the Ohio River.

B1 using something:

I spoke to Dad on the phone.
I was working on my computer.

(Definition von “on preposition” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)