Bedeutung von “place” im Essential American English Dictionary


noun us /pleɪs/

A1 a position, building, town, area, etc.:

His leg was broken in two places.
Seattle would be a nice place to live.
What a stupid place to park!

A2 informal someone’s home:

They just bought a place near the lake.
take place

B1 to happen:

The meeting will take place next week.
in first, second, etc. place

B1 If you are in first, second, etc. place in a race or competition, that is your position when you finish:

He got fifth place in race.

B1 your seat or position in a theater, train, line, etc.:

The children collected their prizes and then went back to their places.
Do you want to trade places with me (= move so that you are in my place and I am in yours)?
all over the place

in many different places:

There was blood all over the place.
I knocked over my glass and wine spilled all over the place.
take someone’s place

to do something instead of someone else:

If I can’t go to the show tonight, will you take my place?
in the first place

used to talk about whether something mentioned should have been done or not:

Why did you invite her in the first place?
in place of something

instead of something:

I use honey in place of sugar in my tea.

(Definition von “place noun” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)