Bedeutung von “reach” im Essential American English Dictionary


verb us /ritʃ/

B1 to arrive somewhere:

We won’t reach Miami until five or six o’clock.

to stretch your arm and hand to touch or take something:

She reached for a cigarette.
He reached out and grabbed her arm.
can reach (something)

to be able to touch or take something with your hand:

Could you get that book down for me – I can’t reach.
reach a decision, agreement, conclusion, etc.

to make a decision, agreement, conclusion, etc. about something:

She reached the conclusion that she couldn’t help him.

to get to a particular level, situation, etc.:

The temperature could reach 90°F today.
He’s reached the age of 95 with his mind still sharp.

to speak to someone on the telephone:

You can reach him at home.

(Definition von “reach verb” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)