Bedeutung von “suppose” im Essential American English Dictionary


verb us /səˈpoʊz/ present participle supposing, past tense and past participle supposed

A2 to think that something is probably true:

I suppose he feels angry with her.
I suppose (so)

B1 used to show agreement to something when you do not really want to:

I suppose you’re right.
“Can I come with you?” “I suppose so.”
be supposed to do something

B1 to be expected to do something, especially when this does not happen:

He was supposed to be here by nine.
be supposed to be something

to be expected to be something, especially because of a rule, agreement, etc.:

The children are supposed to be at school by 8 a.m.
be supposed to be something

to be considered by many people to be something:

The scenery is supposed to be fantastic.

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