Bedeutung von “turn” im Essential American English Dictionary


verb us /tɜrn/

A2 to change direction when you are moving, or to make a car do this:

Turn left at the traffic lights.
I turned the car into the drive.

B1 to move your body so that you are facing a different direction:

Ricky turned and saw Sue standing in the doorway.

B1 to move a page in a book or magazine in order to see the next one:

I offered to turn the pages for the pianist.
Turn to page 35.

to move around a central point in a circle, or to make something do this:

Turn the steering wheel as quickly as you can.
turn blue, cold, etc.

to become blue, cold, etc.:

The sky turned black and it started to rain.

(Definition von “turn verb” aus dem Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)