Bedeutung von “all right” im Essential English Dictionary

all right

adjective, adverb uk /ˌɔːl ˈraɪt/ also alright

A1 happening successfully or without problems:

Did the interview go all right?

A2 safe or well:

You look pale – are you all right?

A2 used to ask if you can do something or to say that someone can do something:

Is it all right if I put some music on?

B1 good enough, although not excellent:

The hotel wasn’t great, but it was all right.
that’s all right

A2 something you say when someone says sorry to show that you are not angry:

‘I’m sorry, I forgot all about your party.’ ‘That’s all right.’
that’s all right

A2 used as an answer when someone thanks you:

‘Thanks for cleaning the kitchen.’ ‘That’s all right.’

(Definition von “all right adjective, adverb” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)